Why Use a Professional Property Manager?

Residential and Commercial Property Management

  • Our Property Managers understand the needs of owners and can make recommendations to maximize potential profit. We are experienced in all aspects of residential and commercial property management including:
    • Property Management including rent collection, building maintenance and repair advice, monthly statements, disbursement of funds, preventative maintenance scheduling
    • Marketing & Leasing through our Commercial Sales and Leasing Division
    • To obtain the highest occupancy in the shortest amount of time, for the highest net operating income, with the least amount of expense
    • Professional budget development and effective reporting procedures
    • Effective contractor selection and contract services administration
    • Maximizing the value of the asset being managed

Association- Condo/HOA/Office Management

Our award winning Association Managers are distinguished leaders in association management, having started the first Condominium Council in Louisville. Our trained professionals assist the Board of Directors in achieving the three core functions of an association as defined by the Community Association Institute:

  • Preserve Assets
  • Maintain Value
  • Establish Community

Each association requires unique services from its property manager. Because of the size and complexity of common interest communities, association management can be a complex task requiring special attention to details, repairs, collections, and long-term goals. We take pride in providing proactive association management services.


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