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New Building Update 1.22.21

New Building Update! 1.22.2021

Miranda Construction has been hard at work through the cold weather to continue the foundation of our new home office. It is very exciting to see walls starting to form on the lot, and we are beyond delighted to share recent updates.  


Some highlights from this week are the stem walls seen above, as well as backfill and compaction of the building pad and front porch area. The electrician finished all of the below ground conduit systems, and the below grade sprinkler system is almost finished.  


New Building Update



As we say goodbye to 2020, we would like to thank our clients, agents and staff for a wonderful year. 2020 was a tumultuous year for many. We were blessed at BHHS Parks and Weisberg, Realtors that we were able to assist our clients in selling and finding homes.

We are very excited to welcome 2021. We are especially looking forward to moving into our new headquarters on Herr Lane. Construction is moving forward, and we wanted to share an update.

This project would not be possible without the support and trust that our clients have placed in our family business.  Thank you to everyone that chose to work with us through the years.

The new building is starting to become more real every day. This week the structure is being laid as well as our drainage piping. The sprinkler sub system is starting, and our risers are installed.


Next week LG&E will be on site to determine where our power supply system will be placed, and installation will take place soon after. 

We have designed a building around the client and agent experience. We have learned and utilized new ways of conducting business in 2020, and the layout of the building will reflect those changes. We will be utilizing open office concepts paired with smaller meeting rooms and...

Halloween 2020!

Halloween is looking a little different this year, but it can still be full of fun! Fall is in full swing and the Halloween movie marathons, pumpkins and sweet treats have us all in the eerie mood. Local places in Louisville have worked hard to find ways to execute safety and appropriate social distancing. Below you will find a list of places offering Halloween activities and how they may be operating differently this year due to Covid. The Holidays are almost in full swing and the year 2020 is coming to a close. We hope you spend your holidays with loved ones and that Halloween is just as spooky and spectacular as ever!

The Devil's Attic

Devil’s Attic is still up and running with their haunted house! Be aware of the COVID-19 requirements in place like mandatory face coverings. This haunted attraction on Hill Street includes themed rooms and spooky characters.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Although there will not be a haunted house this year, there will be guided tours with socially distanced actors and props. 

Zoneton Halloween Open House

It is certainly disappointing that trick or treating won’t look the same as previous years. However, the Zoneton firefighters are traveling to different neighborhoods to pass out candy beginning Oct. 25 and over the next five days. More than 4,000 bags of candy will be distributed. Woo! 

The American Horrorplex

The American Horrorplex is a Haunted attraction located on Northwestern Parkway and is returning with restrictions in place, including mandatory face coverings and temperature screenings. The Horrorplex is currently operating...

Fall at a glance...

Don’t you just love fall? It’s so nice to be outside and go to pumpkin patches, sports games, and fun fall city events! The city of Louisville offers so many activities so today I wanted to compile a “Fall at a glance” calendar so you can plan on what fall events you want to attend this year. 


Fall Runathon 


Many unique events are held such as the Louisville pure tap® 5k, the Norton Sports Health 10k  in the Parklands, and for those 21 and over, the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in Cherokee Park.

St. James Court Art Show 


“We must support what is good in our lives." Art lovers unite every year at this amazing event! For the first time ever there is also a new virtual option to “attend”. Our community of art lovers can purchase pieces from so many professional artists. 


Celtic Festival 


Held in Shepherdsville,KY, The Celtic festival has many games and activities such as Pipe & Drum Bands, Scottish Highland Games, Highland Dancing, Celtic Clans & Societies and Food and craft vendors. So fun!

Virtual Mental Wellness Summit 


Mental Health is so important! The Summit opens up and leads conversations about relationships, nutrition, Kids and Teens, LGBTQ families,...

Making the most out of Gameday!

Well, it’s official folks! It’s football season! Cue the hunting down of tickets, the transitioning weather, and the empty tailgate lots. We all know that Gamedays in the South are no joke and always lead to many celebrations on the weekend. Gamedays may look super different this year due to Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be fun! Just like all of us are learning to do, we are adjusting to make the most out of this “new normal”. Below you will find a list of ideas of safe activities along with some gameday themed food recipes! Whether you are going to the game or watching at home, you can still have a great time this season. The weather is cooling off, we are finally getting used to this school year, and it is just nice to finally get to watch some sports! 


At-home tailgate- It is very possible to follow the CDC guidelines and have a pre-game celebration! Put some hot dogs and burgers on the grill and just hang with the family this year! Even if you invite the neighbors or some friends over, you can hang out outside and be socially distant. It would be fun to buy an outdoor projector (a lot of them under $100 dollars) and hang up a white sheet or find a blank area to stream the game outside! 

Zoom game watch party- If you are used to normally watching the games with a big group of people, consider having someone share their screen on zoom, teams, or whatever video conference site you are familiar with to watch the game together! Everyone can still be “together” from the comfort of their own home. You can still fill the void of your social outing experience!

Weekend trip- If you typically...

Things to consider as a first time mover!

Moving, especially in these times, can seem like a hassle and a headache! But, it doesn’t have to be! When finding your dream home, there are many steps you can take to make the moving process as smooth as possible. There are many different ways to go about buying and selling your home but today we are going to discuss the moving process specifically and ways to facilitate and organize the process! 


Before move:

There are many things that need to be done before the move besides just packing up some boxes. If you are moving to a new city you have to allow yourself time to become familiar to your community and with the city’s housing market. Remember to pre-plan all your traveling arrangements: flights, hotels, etc. in advance so it is not a stresser on actual moving day. Even if you are staying in your same town remember to research if you are in a new school district and what options you have. 

Moving is certainly not a cheap process and selling any furniture or items from your old home you no longer need could go towards moving costs. Plus, decluttering before a move saves you time packing and will make it easier to organize your new home. This includes using up refrigerated /freezer items if you don’t plan on taking them with you! If you know you have items you are keeping that won’t have a spot in your new place, go on ahead and reserve a storage unit so those items are out of the way come moving day. 

Making a budget will be tremendously helpful to keep a running tab of how much is spent over the course of a move. Depending on your flexibility you may want to consider hiring and scheduling movers or reaching out to family and friends to help. Make sure to set a time and day...

Local Louisville Businesses! Shop and Eat Local



In this current Pandemic and with the rising social movements, we know it is even more crucial to support local businesses at this time. The economy has majorly been suffering and although our world is facing major issues, we know that we all love our community and the people that keep it running! Louisville is a wonderful place because it has the intimacy of a small town with the activities and accessibility of a big city. We are so lucky to live and work in this town and it is so devastating to see job loss and business closings. Below you will find a compiled list of my favorite 10 local restaurants and 5 local retail businesses that we can all show some extra love to during this time!  



1.Feast BBQ

A delicious BBQ restaurant with southern sides, cocktails, + more! Located in NULU. 

2. Highland Morning

A yummy brunch spot where you would be proud to take out-of-towners! 

3. Home Run Burgers and fries

Can never go wrong with a good burger! The type of place you never leave hungry and always hits the spot!

4. Le Moo Steakhouse

An amazing food spot no matter what time of the day! They also have entertainment with scheduled shows throughout the week. ...

Back to School: How to make the most of this School year!

As we navigate through this strange time where we are wondering about the future of school, sports, and everything else in between, we know that we have to make the most of this time regardless. Especially for our kids, these are impressionable and crucial years for them. The transition of learning at home was not necessarily easy for anyone last school year. However, we can be more prepared for virtual learning this year since we know it is coming. Below is a compromised list of tips to make this school year the best it can be. One day we will be back in classrooms full time and not have to be dissapointed from cancellations, postponed events, and everything else that Covid-19 has caused. But until that day, let’s stay positive for our children, and make this school year as fun and fulfilling as it can be! 

1. Have a strict schedule. 

Just like a typical school day would have, there has to be serious structure in order for your child to be as productive as possible. Try to make the home schedule reflect a typical school day as much as possible, including a scheduled lunch break and “recess” or play time each day. Also, making a visual chart that has due dates and zoom schedules could go far! 

2. Have designated school areas set aside in your home. 

It is really challenging for a child to have to differentiate school time in the place where they have play time. Having areas set aside as their new school desk space will be helpful in mentally preparing them to get work done and stay focused....

Decor for less!

No one wants to have to compromise when buying their dream home! So, I can assume most of us would probably be thinking of how to save money for the furnishing and decor afterwards! There are of course many ways to shop furniture on sale or buy used, but today I will be focusing on how to procure some good home decor. In my opinion, the decor is what really showcases the personality of your home and makes it personalized to your taste. Enjoy decorating and styling your home, don’t have it be a burden! Below you will find a list of places and websites where you can find home decor for less. In my experience, these places have less of your typical cookie-cutter decor and look more unique and custom compared to what some of the more expensive stores carry. 

1. Peddlers malls/ Garage sales

There are so many hidden gems at these places if you are willing to take the time to look! Find super rare items that can’t be replicated. You may have to fix or add some final touches to what you buy but you can get a wonderful outcome for barely any money spent. 

2. Thrift Stores

Similar to peddlers malls and garage sales, thrifted items can be super special and add so much zest to your home. 

3. Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon is undeniably the most convenient site on the Internet and it definitely applies to home decor shopping as well! Amazon is very easy to navigate and I can guarantee you will find what you are...

Buying a home during Covid-19

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been encouraged to only go out for essential purposes and our needs. Our needs have remained the same despite the world’s circumstances and one thing everyone needs is a home! Buying a home at this time may seem intimidating or like it is not a good idea, however there are definitely benefits to buying right now! Certain elements of homebuying have changed for safety protocols, however we are certain the homebuying experience is not compromised right now, it just looks different! Below you will find a list of reminders when buying your new home in this time period. The real estate market has not stopped and we hope you will not stop finding your dream home either! 

1. Be prepared for virtual home tours. 

To ensure the utmost safety of clients and agents, most showings will be virtual or by appointment. But, this can be a great thing! This gives you the opportunity to view more homes and not have to coordinate all the time it takes to schedule in person visits. Virtual home tours have been in existence, however now your realtor can zoom into details and personalize the tour to you and your needs. Be prepared to encounter some properties that are exclusively virtual tours. 

2. There is less buyer competition. 

Although the spring season is always hot for real estate, there are of course some that have decided to postpone the buying and selling of their home this year. Take advantage! There is more room to negotiate on price and there...

Get Outdoors! Local Parks and tips to have a safe outing!

It is time to get out of the house! Whether you are seeking a good workout or a quiet meditation spot, go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. The state of Kentucky, and specifically Louisville, has so many beautiful parks and trails to offer. Amidst the pandemic, getting outside is a great opportunity to maintain social distancing while still doing an activity. In this post you will find a list of some of my favorite parks nearby with tips of how to stay healthy outside and how to fight the intense summer heat! 

Louisville Parks: 

Cherokee Park is located in the Highlands and is the perfect place to go for a stroll or have a picnic by the creek. 

Iroquois park is a beautiful walk completely immersed in the trees and has a nice overlook of the city. 

The Parklands have vast open fields for sports and also offer activities like kayaking! 

The Waterfront park has a great view of the Ohio river and Indiana right across the bridge! It is a great spot to take the whole family and walk to dinner downtown after.  

Central Park in downtown Louisville is a great place to sit on a bench and unplug. It also features a historical amphitheatre.   

Kentucky Parks: 

Mammoth Cave- Mammoth Cave, KY 

Mammoth Cave has beautiful...

10 Easy ways to freshen up your home for the Summer!

It is safe to say that quarantine has taught us all one very valuable lesson: how to slow down!  Of course we have still been balancing work, school and home life but nonetheless, we have had to learn how to occupy ourselves while stuck at home. As we are transitioning into our “new normal” and trying to enjoy summertime, there are a lot of people who want to utilize this time to reset and improve their home. Below is a list of 10 simple and affordable ways to make your space feel like new again! 

1. Add Plants

There is no better way to spruce up your home than to add some greenery! Not only can you improve your outdoor space with new plant additions but add them to the inside as well for a summery and lively touch. 

2. Get to the five-minute fixer uppers you have been putting off

Every person definitely has little projects around the house that they have always said they will get to “someday”. Now, as we are encouraged to stay at home, is the perfect time to knock them out! These little projects can be as simple as touching up something with spray paint, changing the hardware on a dresser, replacing light bulbs, or even updating your picture frames! 

3. Swap out pillows

A much more affordable way to give your furniture and space a new feel is simply by changing your throw pillows. You could even consider getting a few different sets of throw pillows that you could rotate out during...

Southern Vintage: Where Modern and Rustic Meet

Our Broker/ Owner, Dave Parks and John Allgeier, CEO of Southern Vintage recently joined WAVE 3 Listens Live to discuss unique ways to take design, update and beautify your home. 

Southern Vintage uses rustic reclaimed wood from 100 year old barns to create unique furniture, flooring and sidings. They do this to create an unexpected combination of styles, textures, and elements recreated into something new, beautiful and timeless.

"We want to allow customers to have an experience that is not normal in our industry, and that excites us. We're passionate about it." - John Allgeier

That passion carries over into the unique design and styles that Southern Vintage offers. Some of the more unique and beautiful things that the company creates are live edge furniture pieces. Live edge furniture delivers practicality, beauty, warmth and nature all at once. Southern Vintage carefully selects their timber to ensure they can preserve the character of each piece. The rough edges of our furniture are left to be what they were in nature, but we plane the pieces to reveal rich wood grain inside.

"This not only brings value but also brings history, it brings something timeless and it allows people to actually come in and add an essence to a room you cannot get unless it is reclaimed." - John Allgeier 

With Louisville continuing to grow in popularity and homes becoming more and more desirable, there are some unique ways that you can really make your house pop. In this market,...

Virtual Homearama 2020!

Homearama is one of the more popular and heavily attended home design, landscaping and home builders convention in the Louisville metro area. Unforutnately, they have decided to cancel the in-person event in the midset of the COVID-19 health pandemic. The Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIAGL) made the announcement today but they did provide some good news as well. The event will still be held virtually!


Executive Vice President, Juva Barber explained the virtual event in the press release. “While Homearama won’t be in person this year, you’ll still be able to see the hard work of our members and the latest design trends by taking the virtual tours of each of these nine beautiful homes at beginning July 20, 2020.”

The event is perfect for new and upcoming home buyers and sellers to get an idea of what is important and trendy in the market. These virtual tours will allow the various vendors to show their product in real time and should be even more informative than normal. Bentley Homes, Caliber Homes, Castlebuilt Homes, Joe Kroll Builders, Mason Construction, Mastercraft Homes, Ramage Company and Leo Thieneman & Sons are the builders that have prepared a home for this years event. 


For those people in the Norton Commons area that were looking forward to this event have no fear it will return to the community in 2021. The managing...

Building Dream Homes

Ball Homes has been building gorgeous homes in the Louisville metro area for over 60 years and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks & Weisberg Realtors is proud to work so closely with them to help families find or build their customized dream home.

This year Ball Homes rolled out a new series of homes aimed to retain the building integrity, range of features, and warranty coverage buyers have come to expect, but at a lower price point.

The Trend Collection premiered in Louisville at Parkside at Mt. Washington. Parkside is a conservation subdivision offering lots of open space and a great location next door to McNeeley Lake Park and Quail Chase Golf Course. This beautiful neighborhood design includes a pond and wooded areas in the open spaces. This Mount Washington location is convenient to the Gene Snyder and I-65.

Smart design makes these floor plans versatile and affordable.  Carefully selected contemporary products and designer finishes make them beautiful. These floor plans capture the best of modern design, with open concept living and flexible spaces.  Homes range from 1610sf to over 2700sf, and all have two-car garages and three or more bedrooms.

What we are hearing from buyers is that they most appreciate the streamlined selection and design process, making it even easier and faster to build your dream home. Designer upgrade packages and individual upgrades are available to enhance kitchens, master baths, interiors and more.

Affordability gets even easier with the 2% Walden Mortgage Incentive and all of the Ball Homes quality assurance and warranty programs. Ball Homes is proud of its Energy Smart construction practices for energy...

Neighborhood Overview of Crescent Hill

Louisville is a very neighborhood-centric city, and there are so many unique areas you can choose to call home. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks and Weisberg, Realtors, we want you to have as much information as possible when deciding where your next move may take you. We will provide an overview of two neighborhoods a week to prepare you for your next potential relocation!

Crescent Hill

Today we are going to talk about Crescent Hill! Crescent Hill has become a great spot for young families with a Louisville Free Public Library branch and its proximity to Cherokee Park. Frankfort Avenue cuts through the middle of Crescent Hill, and the wide array of bars and restaurants provide a vibrant local nightlife. There is certainly something for everyone.

Whether it’s an upscale meal, quick bar bite, local brew, unique cocktail, top of the line decadent dessert or a shopping spree, you can find it all on Frankfort Avenue. You can have the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in all of Kentucky at Please & Thank You, or you can get dressed up and take in a delicious meal at Varanese, Le Moo, North End Café and many more. If you want to meet up with friends, the food and drinks at The Hub, Silver Dollar or Bourbons Bistro are the places for you. No matter which direction you walk, the food is phenomenal.

Crescent Hill has a unique identity. If you are in the neighborhood in October, Halloween Avenue is a multi-block event that is a must visit event for residents throughout the city. Every year the entire street of Hillcrest goes all out with decorations and invites families to take a stroll and experience the spectacle. It has become such a wildly popular tradition that it has been mentioned in quite a few national sources. If Halloween isn’t your thing, stop in on the last Friday of every month for the F.A.T. Trolley Hop where you will get free parking and transportation as the trolly runs you along Frankfort Avenue and Cannons Lane. Restaurants...

Neighborhood Overview of Nulu

Louisville is a very neighborhood-centric city, and there are so many unique areas you can choose to call home. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks and Weisberg, Realtors, we want you to have as much information as possible when deciding where your next move may take you. We will provide an overview of two neighborhoods a week to prepare you for your next potential relocation!


Today we are going to talk about the Nulu area! Nulu consists of the East Market District of downtown Louisville and is known for its unique art galleries, specialty stores, and antique shops. Some of the best eating can be found in this area as well. So much so that USA Today and Thrillist named it one of the 18 Best Food Neighborhoods in America.

You can see so much just taking a stroll down Market Street, whether it is the one of a kind experiences at the eclectic Red Tree Furniture gift shop or the cool dive bar Taj just behind and down the hidden alleyway. You can also play some ping pong and have one of the best burgers in the city seated outside at the Garage Bar, which was built inside of an old-time car repair shop. If you are a fan of healthy eating and want a nutritious shake, stop in at Luberry and get all the vitamins you could hope for!

Looking for a unique experience? Visit Nulu on the first Friday of the month and hop onto the ZeroBus for an incredible arts show, shopping spree and street throwdown that will get you fired up for the weekend! For the people looking for something a bit more exhilarating, visit Flying Axes or Climb Nulu! For sports fans, take in a Louisville Bats baseball game or a soccer game at the brand new Louisville City FC stadium. Both are walkable from Market Street.

Nulu is...

Neighborhood Overview of St. Matthews

Louisville is a very neighborhood-centric city, and there are so many unique areas you can choose to call home. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks and Weisberg, Realtors, we want you to have as much information as possible when deciding where your next move may take you. We will provide an overview of two neighborhoods a week to prepare you for your next potential relocation!

St. Matthews

Today we are going to talk about the St. Matthews neighborhood. St. Matthews was settled in 1920 and really saw a boom during the flood in the 1930s as Louisville residents sought shelter in the higher elevated area of the city. Now it is one of the premier spots for families in the city. It is also the largest shopping area in the city home to both Oxmoor Mall and Mall of St. Matthews on Shelbyville Road.

The beauty of St. Matthews is that it feels like its own perfect city just eight miles from downtown. It is the most central part of Louisville, and you can get almost anywhere else in the city in less than 20 minutes.

You will find most of the big national food chains in this area, as well as some delicious local gems. It also has just about every style of food you could ever need. For those looking for more of a nightlife scene, you can take a trip over to Tin Roof, Bluegrass Brewing Company, Dutch’s Tavern and many more.

Nestled inside of St. Matthews is one of the top-rated private schools in the state. Trinity High school has produced many notable alumni including Successful SEC Coach Dan Mullen, MLB All-Star Chris Carpenter and NFL players Brian Brohm and Chris Crane.

On those gorgeous days in the city, you can stroll through Cherokee Park, Seneca Park, or the Louisville Zoo. On your way home, stop at Plehn’s Bakery for a delicious treat. Phlen’s is a fourth-generation bakery that is a staple...

Neighborhood Overview of Portland

Louisville is a very neighborhood-centric city, and there are so many unique areas you can choose to call home. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks and Weisberg, Realtors, we want you to have as much information as possible when deciding where your next move may take you. We will provide an overview of two neighborhoods a week to prepare you for your next potential relocation!


Today we are going to talk about Portland. Portland has a very rich and unique history filled with massive arts and culture. When Portland was founded in 1835, it was actually a separate town and was not annexed into Louisville until years later. Now it is Louisville’s largest neighborhood with a population close to 13,000. Traces of countless immigrant cultures can be seen throughout the neighborhood. French, Irish and German influence can be found amongst the local cuisine and architecture.

Portland has a very tight-knit community that values its local businesses as well as its parks and churches. It has become a hot spot for young families moving into the area since it is ranked as the most affordable cost of living area in Louisville.

Due to its rich history, Portland has become a hub for Louisville’s artistic minds that have become drawn to the Art Gallery Warehouse District near 15th street. This is the home of the Tim Faulkner Visual Art Gallery and the proposed new home for the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute.

After you have enjoyed the wonderful views and immersed yourself in the unique culture, you can take a minute to grab some lunch at one of the many local restaurants. One particularly delicious location is The Table Café. The Table is incredibly unique because not only do they highlight strictly local produce in their menu, they also boast a pay-what-you-can model to ensure that everyone has a seat at...

Neighborhood Overview of Germantown

Louisville is a very neighborhood-centric city, and there are so many unique areas you can choose to call home. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks and Weisberg, Realtors, we want you to have as much information as possible when deciding where your next move may take you. We will provide an overview of two neighborhoods a week to prepare you for your next potential relocation!


Today we are going to talk about Germantown. This is one of the oldest and most local-centric neighborhoods in all of Louisville. It received its name due to a large influx of German immigrants in the 1800s. This neighborhood is home to shotgun style houses galore, and it has a deep rich history that they have maintained while still upgrading the location with top notch restaurants and dive bars.


For some top of the line delicious meat dine at Hammerheads. If it’s a worldly twist that interests  you, Eiderdown is one of the more popular locations. Eiderdown is also known to head up the local Oktoberfest annual festivities. You can also swing by Check’s Café which has been a staple in that community for over 60 years.


With that rich history comes a lot of unique and fun traditions for you to experience with your family. The first Saturday of every month you can enjoy an entertaining puppet show on the corner of Breckenridge Street across from the delicious Wiltshire Pantry. Take part in the World Championship Dainty contest in July where Germantown and sister neighborhood Schnitzleberg residents compete.


One of the best parts of Germantown is the proximity to everything. There are grocery stores, parks, downtown and anything else you could need in just a short drive. It is a very well lit and walkable neighborhood and is very dog friendly. You can even walk your pups over to Baxter Jacks...