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10 Easy ways to freshen up your home for the Summer!

It is safe to say that quarantine has taught us all one very valuable lesson: how to slow down!  Of course we have still been balancing work, school and home life but nonetheless, we have had to learn how to occupy ourselves while stuck at home. As we are transitioning into our “new normal” and trying to enjoy summertime, there are a lot of people who want to utilize this time to reset and improve their home. Below is a list of 10 simple and affordable ways to make your space feel like new again! 

1. Add Plants

There is no better way to spruce up your home than to add some greenery! Not only can you improve your outdoor space with new plant additions but add them to the inside as well for a summery and lively touch. 

2. Get to the five-minute fixer uppers you have been putting off

Every person definitely has little projects around the house that they have always said they will get to “someday”. Now, as we are encouraged to stay at home, is the perfect time to knock them out! These little projects can be as simple as touching up something with spray paint, changing the hardware on a dresser, replacing light bulbs, or even updating your picture frames! 

3. Swap out pillows

A much more affordable way to give your furniture and space a new feel is simply by changing your throw pillows. You could even consider getting a few different sets...

Southern Vintage: Where Modern and Rustic Meet

Our Broker/ Owner, Dave Parks and John Allgeier, CEO of Southern Vintage recently joined WAVE 3 Listens Live to discuss unique ways to take design, update and beautify your home. 

Southern Vintage uses rustic reclaimed wood from 100 year old barns to create unique furniture, flooring and sidings. They do this to create an unexpected combination of styles, textures, and elements recreated into something new, beautiful and timeless.

"We want to allow customers to have an experience that is not normal in our industry, and that excites us. We're passionate about it." - John Allgeier

That passion carries over into the unique design and styles that Southern Vintage offers. Some of the more unique and beautiful things that the company creates are live edge furniture pieces. Live edge furniture delivers practicality, beauty, warmth and nature all at once. Southern Vintage carefully selects their timber to ensure they can preserve the character of each piece. The rough edges of our furniture are left to be what they were in nature, but we plane the pieces to reveal rich wood grain inside.

"This not only brings value but also brings history, it brings something timeless and it allows people to actually come in and add an essence to a room you cannot get unless it is reclaimed." - John Allgeier 

With Louisville continuing to grow in popularity and homes becoming more and more desirable, there are some unique ways that...

Outdoor Projects to Improve Curb Appeal

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With the start of summer, not to mention the gorgeous summer weather we’ve been having, we wanted to talk about 9 outdoor projects you can do to improve your curb appeal!

Whether or not you are planning on selling your home, regularly grooming your lawn makes your home appear well –kept and adds overall value to your area! Grooming doesn’t just mean mowing your lawn though. You also need to make sure to trim trees or bushes that are getting out of hand and pull those unsightly weeds growing in the cracks of your sidewalk!