How To Conquer Moving Day For The First-Time Home Buyer

The home you worried over and fought for is yours! Now it’s time to make your dream a reality by moving in!

Break It Down

It can be overwhelming to pack up everything you own into hopefully neat boxes that will arrive in exactly the right room for unpacking. Going room by room can help break down the long packing process plus relieve moving stress! Tip #1 – Make sure to mark each box with a general idea of what it contains and the room it should be delivered to!

Boxes Galore

Moving (and buying a home) can be expensive but acquiring moving boxes doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive! You can find boxes for cheap or free in online groups or by calling your local grocery store. Though these are cheaper, or free, it doesn’t mean they’ll be sturdiest boxes. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons here!

Safety First

Safety is always important, even when you are moving! Make sure to secure the correct moving materials like dollies, work gloves, etc. Contact friends, family and neighbors to see if you borrow moving materials they may own or rent them from local shops!

Don’t Forget About Your Pet

As stressful moving can be for you, moving stress can affect your pets a lot more! Boarding your pet or getting a family member or friend to watch your pet while you move is a great idea. If you don’t have an available person to pet sit, you can place your pet in the least stressful room while moving. Make sure you visit them often plus it’ll give you an excuse to take breaks and destress!

Check Your Services
Don’t forget to call your service companies to set up your water, electricity, garbage, telephone and gas!

Recycle Your Moving Boxes

As you unpack, some of the boxes may still be in pretty good shape or you might have extra moving supplies you may not need! One way to get rid of them is to contact friends and family to see if they may need them. For more ways to recycle and reuse moving boxes, the spruce’s Ways to Recycle Moving Boxes or Get Rid of Them After You Move.

Worried you’ll forget? We’ve put together a FREE moving checklist with even more useful information for you! 

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