Michael's Food Review March

Some New Places In Town

This space every month will be about food.

While everyone has different tastes, things they like and things they hate. Most everyone can tell you their favorite pizza place or ice cream. I am unfortunately not everyone. No, I don't have a sophisticated pallet to differentiate, I just really like to eat out ....a lot! While many restaurants closed because of the pandemic, a few new places opened and thrived. This is not a complete list, but a few places that I have tried and enjoyed.

Philly's Best Frozen Desserts - 3912 Bardstown Road, soon to have 2nd location in St. Matthews. They Sell Italian Water Ice, if you don't know the difference between that and shaved ice... HUGH. I always judge an Italian Ice on their Lemon. Philly's Best is delicious and they have plenty of other flavors.


Jake and Elwoods Pizza - 2230 Frankfort Avenue. Real Chicago Deep Dish. They also carry NY style. Really good food and the best Chicago Deep Dish I have had outside of Chicago.

When You find a new place to eat, let know. I want to try it to.

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