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Highlands Neighborhood Keeping it Social While Social Distancing

One neighborhood in the Highlands is reminding us that there are fun and unique ways to stay social while you are social distancing!

The Tyler Park community took advantage of the beautiful weather this past Friday by bringing their family and pets out to the patio for some lounging time with friends and neighbors. WHAS 11 reported on the "Front Porch Friday" highlighting the neighborhood for making the most of the social distancing guidelines.

                                                      (Photo Credit: @WHAS11Hasch on twitter)

Some had radios playing while others actually had instruments out and were playing for their neighbors. The president of the Tyler Park neighborhood, Shawn Reily, has said they plan on keeping Front Porch Friday going until May 1st or until the social distancing restrictions are removed. 

Are your neighborhoods doing anything similar? Do you have fun and safe ideas to stay social while social distancing? If so, please comment below or email me at

Stay tuned for our blog series giving a deeper dive into the various Louisville neighborhoods! 


Meet Jessica DeMuth: Learn How She Stays Productive at Home With Kids

What is it like to be a realtor stuck at home with children but still trying to maintain a healthy work-life?

We asked a couple of our very own to give us a few stories about their experiences during this COVID-19 outbreak that has brought the world to a halt.

First, we have Jessica DeMuth:

“What is life like being quarantined with two kiddos while still working?  Well, let’s just say
there is never a dull moment!  My 3-year-old has declared “Every stay home day is pajama day
forever.” Luckily with technology, we have the ability to do a good portion of our work from
anywhere, with that being said, my workspace looks a little different right now.  My deskmate is
a Kindergartener, she said she loves “working with mommy” while she is completing her classwork close by I am checking in on clients, managing my social media channels, and organizing paperwork.”

Jessica has worked from home before so she admits that this challenge is not a new one. She wants to acknowledge having co-workers that constantly demand snacks can be a bit more frustrating than most. Her biggest tip to staying productive?
“Having worked from home for several years my biggest productivity tip is GET DRESSED.  Do
your hair, makeup, dress as if you were going into the office or going to meet a client. You will
be amazed at how much more productive you are.”

With the world seeming uncertain and a bit scary Jessica did also want to share some silver
lining advice.

“Try to look at it as a blessing in disguise. I am getting to spend more time with my kiddos
during the day and evenings than I normally would. With...

How to Build Structure at Home with Your Kids

With Kentucky and Indiana moving towards shelter-in-place precautions, parents are going to face a lot of time entertaining bored and antsy children. A way to make your life and your child's life easier is to consider drawing up a daily schedule. This can not only give your child something to visualize so they know what to expect, but it will also help you add a bit of structure to your days as well.

The schedule below is an example of one being shared on twitter by @ChrisHerrington:

Some fun and enjoyable ways to keep your kids entertained and educated are as followed: paint by numbers, dream boards, learning a new language, take e-tours of famous museums such as the British Museum or Louvre, use baking to teach them about science, or even use a messenger app to create an online book club. 

Staying busy is going to make this whole process feel shorter and smoother! Stay safe and healthy. Please comment below with any other fun and unique ways you are entertaining your children or family!


Preparing for Life at Home

Coronavirus is not making life easy by any means. We all have to do our part to #flattenthecurve and the main way to do that is adapt to staying inside and isolated. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks & Weisberg Realtors pride ourselves on being your forever real estate company and that means in the hard times as well. That being said, we wanted to give you some tips to make your quarantine a bit easier!

Smell - Embrace Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a real thing and can have such a major impact on your mood and mindset. Keep your home clean and use candles and incense to keep good energy in your surroundings. 

Routine - Stay Sharp!

The hardest thing about change is losing your regular routine. It can cause high-stress levels and lead to feeling overwhelmed. Get up every morning and get dressed for the day! Make your bed and enjoy your morning cup of coffee. A routine can be more powerful than a clock at helping you get started each day. 

Focused Spaces - Rearrange your areas!

To make sure that you can stay focused on working from home it is best to rearrange and create a workspace. This will give you a place where you can dedicate your efforts to being productive. This also means that you can step out of that space into your home and not feel as if you're carrying your work with you.  

The Little Things- Create Happiness!

It will be more important than ever to find little spots of happiness throughout your days! This...