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Diversity Month Highlight - Kyle Roth

Today we are excited to introduce agent and staff member Kyle Roth as part of our Diversity Month celebration. A special thank you to Kyle for opening up about his experience as a proud member of the LGBTQ Community and his experiences with diversity in the real estate industry. 

Q: Why is diversity in the workforce – particularly in the real estate industry – so important? 

A: Diversity in the workforce is very important because not only does it give people opportunity that they normally would not have, but diversity brings different perspectives that can benefit everyone. It is important to have a diverse workforce that can help recognize and meet the needs of a variety of clients.  

Q: When it comes to matters of diversity, did you have a professional mentor and how did she/he help prepare you for this career?  

A: No, I did not have one. Coming from a previous background of Cosmetics, my entire work force was full of very diverse people. Also, growing up I would always watch HGTV and I would notice many LGBTQ professionals on there working, and it always made me feel included. When I transitioned into real estate, I never felt it would be an issue just from what I had been exposed to growing up watching those shows.  

Q: What’s the greatest lesson you could offer to an aspiring LGBTQ real estate agent?

A: The greatest lesson I could offer would be to be yourself. This is a business where you will attract people who will work with you because they like you. I have never had an issue of discrimination in this field, and I think it helps that I have always stayed very true to...

Diversity Month Highlight - Jaki Watson

Today we are excited to introduce staff member Jaki Watson as part of our Diversity Month celebration. Thank you, Jaki for opening up about this! Not all diversity is on the outside!

Q:  What does diversity mean in your household?

A: My diversity is not on the outside, not visibly seen until you notice my hand tremors or when my neck reddens as I start to sweat. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, a chronic, sometimes debilitating anxiety disorder. GAD is often paired with depression and Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. Diversity in my family involves a lot of patience, learning, understanding, and embracing each of our special talents.

Q: Tell us about the holidays you celebrate with your family and their significance

A: We are a holiday family! We celebrate every holiday together and have family dinners and birthday months. A typical gathering looks like elders around the table, sports on the television for those who need to zone, and friends of the nephews running around. Our biggest yearly event is the Turkey Bowl played on full bellies every Thanksgiving. Going through the COVID-19 pandemic without these gatherings is hard, but necessary.

Q: What is one important fact about your diversity that you want others to know?

A: A difficulty that I come across is that when people learn I have GAD they look uncomfortable like they need to treat me with kid gloves. This is new to them, but this is my everyday existence. Being worried about the future makes me a great planner; foreseeing every possible outcome to an event works in my favor in most conditions. Every person dealing with neuro-atypical brains has their own journey, this is mine. Anxiety...

Diversity Month Highlight - Krupa Patel

Today we are excited to introduce agent and staff member Krupa Patel as part of our Diversity Month celebration. Krupa is one of our newer additions to the BHHSPW Family

Q:  What does diversity mean in your household?

A: In our family, diversity means understanding and balancing two cultures. We find ways to celebrate the Indian culture and the American culture. 

Q: Tell us about the holidays you celebrate with your family and their significance

A: We celebrate Diwali, Holi, Kite Festival, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Halloween is celebrated not as a religious holiday, but fun for the kids.  

Q: What is one important fact about your diversity that you want others to know?

A: I was born in India and my husband, Raj, was born in New Jersey along with our three kids. We are constant trying to balance and learn the two different cultures and building our own fusion of both cultures. From meals to clothes and language to going to temple and prayers. We are constantly trying to understand and accept everyone’s capabilities and the limits of each. As a family of five, we try to find ways to celebrate our cultures so each member of the family can appreciate them and take part in their own way.  

Q: What strategies have you used to respond to diversity challenges?

A:  It has been a challenge to really have a perfect  balance of all,  so we work on accepting the individuals and their own understanding and knowledge or each

A special thank you to Krupa Patel and her beautiful family for agreeing to share some insight into what...

Diversity Month Highlight- Judie Parks

Today we want to highlight our Principal Broker and Owner Judie Parks as part of our Diversity Month celebration. For a long time, women owners and brokers were scarce in the Real Estate industry, and It is incredible to have a leader as inspiring as Judie.


Q: What is it like being a woman business owner?

Until my brother and I bought the company, I did not have a true understanding of how rare I am in this role.  It was a real eye-opener to learn that the majority of agents are female, but the majority of owners are male.

I hope that I am an inspiration to young girls as well as to young men.  I love to see the joy and the pride on their faces when my husband and my sons tell their friends that their mom is a co-owner of BHHS Parks & Weisberg, Realtors.  It gives me hope that someday the question you just asked will not be significant.      

Q: How do you achieve work-life balance?  

There is no such thing as work-life balance just as anyone with children can attest that you are not “fair” or “treat your children equally” at all times.  You meet your children where they are and give them what they need and sometimes one child needs more than another.  The same is true for work-life balance.  When I first started in Real Estate, I left my previous position as an engineer.  During my exit interview, a question was asked that still resonates with me. My supervisor asked me, “Do you know how many hours you will have to work? Do you know you will have to work nights and weekends?” As he said that, all I could do was smile. I was working every day from 6:30 am- 4:00 pm, on call every night, and worked almost every other weekend. 

The difference would be that I would determine my hours...

Diversity Month Highlight - Mika Heinze

Today we are excited to introduce agent and staff member Mika Heinze as part of our Diversity Month celebration. Mika has been a member of the BHHSPW family for 6 years. 

We asked Mika what diversity means in her life and work. Here are her responses.

Q:  What does diversity mean in your household?


Diversity in the Heinze Household means we are all unique, and we respect our individual differences. We all have different personalities and perspectives. 

Q: How does your family celebrate holidays? What is the significance in your household?


We celebrate birthdays, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These holidays are important for our entire family, and we take time to get together to share dinner, play games and socialize. My kids celebrate Black History Month each year in February. It’s our way to remember important African Americans whom made an impact on our lives. 

Q: What strategies have you used to respond to diversity challenges?


We accept diversity challenges as they come. The benefit of this is that it allows for us to see others’ points of view and learn from it. Everyone sees things differently, and we need to be aware of that.


A special thank you to Mika Heinze and her beautiful family for agreeing to share some insight into what diversity means for her and her family. Stay tuned this month for more agent spotlights!...

Diversity Month Highlight - Marilu Eng

The month of April is Diversity Month, and we will highlight our agents and staff that bring their personal approaches to our company. Today we are highlighting agent Marilu Eng who has been with BHHSPW for two years. 

We asked Marilu what diversity means in her life and work. Here are her responses.

Q:  What does diversity mean in your household?


Diversity represents the love and relationship that I have with my husband and with each of my children. My husband was born in Hong Kong and comes from a completely different culture than me. I have been blessed to watch that mix of Mexican and Chinese heritage develop in my children. Because of the natural diversity in my household, my children have grown up influenced by three very unique cultures. In addition, the opportunity for our family to live and travel all around the world, plus their exposure to the Spanish, Chinese, and English languages has given me and my children a unique worldview and an attitude of acceptance and love for all cultures and people.

Q: Tell us about the holidays you celebrate with your family and their significance


My family celebrates all of the major Mexican and Chinese holidays such as: Dia de Los Muertos, Dia de Reyes, Cinco de Mayo, Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as other universal and American holidays such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July and Easter. Each...

Berkshire Celebrating Diversity Month

We are excited to announce that Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Parks & Weisberg, Realtors has decided to highlight our unique agents in celebration of Diversity Month.

Our realtors and staff are what makes this company so special and we are excited to recognize and celebrate the many cultures and identities represented in our company in our offices in Louisville, Bowling Green and Southern Indiana. 

Throughout the month, we will celebrate the diversity in our own workplace. We will introduce you to some of our agents and staff who will share their unique cultures and life experiences that add to the vibrancy of our cities, neighborhoods, and communities. 

Stay tuned and let us know how your business celebrates diversity!


Neighborhoods Offer a 'Ray of Hope'

Last week we shared a story about the Tyler Park community keeping it social while social distancing. This week’s story takes us to the Germantown-Schnitzelburg neighborhood and their “rainbow connection” outreach.

Residents are keeping their children busy during the day drawing rainbows and positing them in their windows for neighbors to find on daily walks. Numerous neighborhoods are now participating in these rainbow scavenger hunts.

One Germantown resident Jessica Goodall said this about the new activity that is taking hold of the neighborhood. 

"My kids need the creativity challenges to keep them stimulated during the day, I think anyone can agree that screen time is hard to get children away from. Now that we can’t go gather at parks, zoos, etc., there needs to be some activity for them. I think it all keeps their mind off of the negative effects this virus has on the world." 

You could be the first person on your block to join the fun.

The link below is the full article from Courier-Journal. Do you think you could do this in your neighborhood? Let us know!


(Photo Courtesy of Courier-Journal and Marilyn Belak)