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Decor for less!

No one wants to have to compromise when buying their dream home! So, I can assume most of us would probably be thinking of how to save money for the furnishing and decor afterwards! There are of course many ways to shop furniture on sale or buy used, but today I will be focusing on how to procure some good home decor. In my opinion, the decor is what really showcases the personality of your home and makes it personalized to your taste. Enjoy decorating and styling your home, don’t have it be a burden! Below you will find a list of places and websites where you can find home decor for less. In my experience, these places have less of your typical cookie-cutter decor and look more unique and custom compared to what some of the more expensive stores carry. 

1. Peddlers malls/ Garage sales

There are so many hidden gems at these places if you are willing to take the time to look! Find super rare items that can’t be replicated. You may have to fix or add some final touches to what you buy but you can get a wonderful outcome for barely any money spent. 

2. Thrift Stores

Similar to peddlers malls and garage sales, thrifted items can be super special and add so much zest to your home. 

3. Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon is undeniably the most convenient site on the Internet and it definitely applies to home decor shopping as well! Amazon is very easy to navigate and I can guarantee...

Buying a home during Covid-19

Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been encouraged to only go out for essential purposes and our needs. Our needs have remained the same despite the world’s circumstances and one thing everyone needs is a home! Buying a home at this time may seem intimidating or like it is not a good idea, however there are definitely benefits to buying right now! Certain elements of homebuying have changed for safety protocols, however we are certain the homebuying experience is not compromised right now, it just looks different! Below you will find a list of reminders when buying your new home in this time period. The real estate market has not stopped and we hope you will not stop finding your dream home either! 

1. Be prepared for virtual home tours. 

To ensure the utmost safety of clients and agents, most showings will be virtual or by appointment. But, this can be a great thing! This gives you the opportunity to view more homes and not have to coordinate all the time it takes to schedule in person visits. Virtual home tours have been in existence, however now your realtor can zoom into details and personalize the tour to you and your needs. Be prepared to encounter some properties that are exclusively virtual tours. 

2. There is less buyer competition. 

Although the spring season is always hot for real estate, there are of course some that have decided to postpone the buying and selling of their home this year. Take advantage! There is more room...

Get Outdoors! Local Parks and tips to have a safe outing!

It is time to get out of the house! Whether you are seeking a good workout or a quiet meditation spot, go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. The state of Kentucky, and specifically Louisville, has so many beautiful parks and trails to offer. Amidst the pandemic, getting outside is a great opportunity to maintain social distancing while still doing an activity. In this post you will find a list of some of my favorite parks nearby with tips of how to stay healthy outside and how to fight the intense summer heat! 

Louisville Parks: 

Cherokee Park is located in the Highlands and is the perfect place to go for a stroll or have a picnic by the creek. 

Iroquois park is a beautiful walk completely immersed in the trees and has a nice overlook of the city. 

The Parklands have vast open fields for sports and also offer activities like kayaking! 

The Waterfront park has a great view of the Ohio river and Indiana right across the bridge! It is a great spot to take the whole family and walk to dinner downtown after.  

Central Park in downtown Louisville is a great place to sit on a bench and unplug. It also features a historical amphitheatre.   

Kentucky Parks: 

Mammoth Cave- Mammoth Cave, KY 


10 Easy ways to freshen up your home for the Summer!

It is safe to say that quarantine has taught us all one very valuable lesson: how to slow down!  Of course we have still been balancing work, school and home life but nonetheless, we have had to learn how to occupy ourselves while stuck at home. As we are transitioning into our “new normal” and trying to enjoy summertime, there are a lot of people who want to utilize this time to reset and improve their home. Below is a list of 10 simple and affordable ways to make your space feel like new again! 

1. Add Plants

There is no better way to spruce up your home than to add some greenery! Not only can you improve your outdoor space with new plant additions but add them to the inside as well for a summery and lively touch. 

2. Get to the five-minute fixer uppers you have been putting off

Every person definitely has little projects around the house that they have always said they will get to “someday”. Now, as we are encouraged to stay at home, is the perfect time to knock them out! These little projects can be as simple as touching up something with spray paint, changing the hardware on a dresser, replacing light bulbs, or even updating your picture frames! 

3. Swap out pillows

A much more affordable way to give your furniture and space a new feel is simply by changing your throw pillows. You could even consider getting a few different sets of throw...