Why We Started Our Real Estate Business

Jessica DeMuth

I think the number one reason we started our business is opportunity and flexibility. Having two young kids and working in the corporate world, we wanted something where we would be able to take better advantage of our time and have something where you have the opportunity to earn more money. In real estate, the harder you work the more you earn versus, at least me at my corporate job where I was a salaried employee, the harder I worked, I still had the same outcome at the end of the day. And I think that was a big key factor for both of us. 

Stephen DeMuth

Yeah, I would agree. Being a salaried employee myself as well, putting in the extra hours and not reaping any reward, it just... after a while it just got old. So I'm all about reaping what I sow and putting in the time and effort to work with a certain person, knowing there is a direct benefit at the end. And building relationships. I've always liked interacting with people so getting the chance to meet a variety of people at the variety of not only income levels, but situations that they've come across, and working with them through that is something that's always been appealing. And it's only been... what am I trying to say... It's only grown since getting to see how this played out. 

Bette Thieneman

Actually, I kind of started learning about real estate back in the early '50s when my father started building so I kind of grew up around it but never really had an interest in it. And then when I got out of school, I went right into food and beverage hospitality. I spent 25 years in that field and when I came home from Japan back in the mid-'90s, my brother Ken was building then and so he said "Why don't you get your real estate license and start selling with me?' And I'm like "I'm not a sales person, I'm a service person. I'm not a sales person" but anyways, he talked me into it and I got my license and I'm in my twentieth year now. And I've realized that this really isn't a sales position for me, it's a service position. I look at it as a business of building relationships with people and servicing their needs as opposed to selling real estate.

Kyle Roth

Well before I went into real estate, I did skincare, cosmetics, the makeup industry and I did sales. I was a sales manager, sales coordinator, a marketing director in that sense as far as I planned events, did makeup artistry and my goal was to make sure sales were so much. Eventually, it got to the point where I realized that I enjoyed what I was doing but I didn't like the makeup side of it. I liked the sales side of it more. I liked the people side of it. I didn't really enjoy what I was doing on a day to day basis. You know, it felt repetitive. It felt boring, Through a long stream of events, I had a client who convinced me to go into real estate. And then I came here. I remember I called Ellen. I called Ellen Shaikun up and I said "Ellen I just got licensed. What do I do?". Ellen told me "Well, come on in". And I met with Dave and, you know, I sat down and went over the general logistics of it. He talked and he answered my questions and I liked what I heard so. Luckily, I was able to have other people help me make this happen because if I didn't have that, there's no way I would have made this career happen.

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